Are you thinking of moving to Missouri? Located in the Midwest, you might love the idea of its classic, friendly atmosphere and being at the crossroads of many states bordering Missouri, providing easy travel opportunities.

But what about the details? As we all know, there’s more to moving than just a state’s reputation and location. If you want to experience what Missouri can offer, read the following pros and cons before making your final decision to move!

As outlined by Real Property Group, here are the advantages and disadvantages that Missouri presents to its residents:


Strong Job Opportunities

Jobs can be hard to come by in other states, but not in Missouri. They score below the national average for unemployment. By being below the national average, this means that you can easily land great jobs here, especially in the cities. If you want to start anew without the struggle of finding employment, then Missouri is the place to move to.

Industries that have a strong presence in Missouri are aerospace, publishing, agriculture, biotechnology, and more. Starting a new career would be easy to do here, given its booming levels of employment. Washington University, one of the top universities in the country, also has degrees to pursue for any academic pursuit.

Slow-Paced Life Experience

Missouri is known for its relaxed nature, and the locals often have a laidback lifestyle. People have time to engage in long conversations and be hospitable and caring. As a Missouri resident, living here means being able to enjoy a tranquil and slow-paced lifestyle.

missouri lifestyle

If you’ve had enough of dealing with the stress of the hustle and bustle in crowded cities, you’ll feel right at home in Missouri. This peaceful environment can represent an enhancement to your quality of life. Even Kansas City and Jefferson City, with their more concentrated population, have a relaxed feel to it. You have more time to slow down and explore your personal interests.

Rich Variety of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the options when it comes to outdoor recreation in Missouri. The Missouri River is a hotspot that can provide Missouri residents with enjoyable activities such as boating, bird watching, camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and biking.

Parks worth exploring in this state are Ponca State Park, Niobrara State Park, and the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area. The Ozark mountains are quite famous. You can also visit the following interesting nature centers:

  • Lake Springfield Park, Boathouse and Marina
  • Springfield Conservation Nature Center
  • Dogwood Canyon Nature Park
  • Fantastic Caverns
  • Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area
  • Ha Ha Tonka State Park
  • Bennett Spring State Park
  • Greer Springs
  • Mina Sauk Falls Trail
  • Boze Mills Spring
  • Crystal City Underground
  • Marble Creek in Mark Twain Forest

Lower Cost of Living

Another benefit when living in Missouri is its low cost of living. It even earned the 10th spot in the country for affordable living and, as a result, is well below the national average for costs. You can enjoy paying for lower utilities, groceries, rental fees, and other necessities. Housing costs are low as well. They also have a progressive income tax system which contributes to the low cost of living.

missouri cost of living

While Missouri generally offers lower wages than some other states, it’s still easy to have more in savings at the end of the day. Living in a very affordable area means you’re not pressured when it comes to paying for your day-to-day living expenses, even in the bustling Kansas City metro area.

Availability of Attractions

By living in Missouri, you have access to several cultural and historical attractions. You can take advantage of the abundance of museums, theaters, and national parks. Admire all the interesting architecture in the area and find time to immerse yourself in the entertaining attractions Missouri provides to both visitors and residents. And you can't forget the famous Kansas City barbecue or the benefits of Missouri being the live country music capital!

Some of the quaint and charming attractions in Missouri are the Mark Twain Cave, Boat Henge, Jesse James Home Museum, and the Wonders of Wildlife Museum. One of the top (and free) attractions you can’t miss here is the Gateway Arch. Stand on its observation deck and marvel at the impressive vista packed with unique bridges and green parks.

Friendly Community

We all naturally gravitate towards warm and friendly people. In Missouri, it’s not hard to find this, given the cheerful social scene. This is easily recognizable in rural towns, but it can also be expected in cities.

Missouri also takes up many positive causes. For example, they promote autism-friendly cities as a way to bid for its awareness and education, age-friendly programs, bicycle-friendly programs, and walk-friendly programs.

is missouri friendly

As you can very much see, friendliness is big here! This attracts plenty of people who choose Missouri as a place to settle and raise their families.

Central Location

Missouri’s central region is highly beneficial for entrepreneurs. They can reach a good number of customers from this area. In fact, that’s one of the prime reasons that major businesses have their presence in this state! Logistics is essential to ensure rapid transport and commutes.

Fewer Traffic Issues

Traveling in your car won’t be a hassle in Missouri. In Kansas City, the average commute is less than just 23 minutes each way. Compared to other states, that’s a very quick commute time. Traffic is often the culprit for commuter stress, but this is not applicable in Missouri.


While Missouri has more than enough advantages, there are a few downfalls like any other state. It’s best to be aware of them to get a full view of your choice. Here are the disadvantages that Missouri present to residents:

Weather Conditions

Even if one gets to experience the four seasons in Missouri, you’ll still be exposed to a hot and humid environment. Some can find this difficult to live in. However, f you prefer this type of weather, then you won’t have much adjustment to do!

Apart from the humidity, Missouri also tends to have plenty of rainy periods. The existence of thunderstorms are also to be expected. In winter, ice storms and snows are quite normal. You’ll have to be ready for a wide array of conditions.

Pest Management

Living in Missouri, wildlife presence is considerable. You can easily spot beavers, squirrels, armadillos, and possums.

missouri pest management

However, wildlife comes with its fair share of less pleasant animals too. Rodents, termites, different types of biting insects, and ticks also exist here. So it's best to have a pest management plan ready if you’re considering settling in Missouri.

Lack of Sports Teams

This might be an odd one to consider, but for some it’s a factor that’s hard to swallow! Missouri’s professional sports teams frequently relocate or don’t have teams in certain sports. If you’re an avid sports fan, you too can complain about this fact like the locals currently do. You might miss rooting for a solid state team and in different sports. However, if you enjoy football in particular, the Kansas City Chiefs are who you can root for!

Bottom Line

So, there you have it: the benefits and drawbacks of moving to Missouri. It’s important to research beforehand to ensure you’re making the right decision. Missouri has a lot going for it, especially in the realm of recreational opportunities and a friendly atmosphere.

Find ways to embrace the cons, since the pros run plenty. At the end of the day, no city is ever perfect, but you can maximize the strengths of a place so that it works to your advantage!