Are you looking for a professional property manager in Missouri?

At Real Property Group we have been managing rental properties for 16 years. Our experience helps us to preserve and grow each of our client’s investment property's value.

We work with rental property owners to reduce the amount of stress they face from self-managing a property. When you partner with us, you will no longer have to worry about time-consuming tasks such as tenant screening and rental marketing.

Our company is affiliated with the Columbia Board of Realtors, Missouri Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. Additionally, we have close relationships with reliable vendors and contractors in the areas we serve.

Compared to self-managing, hiring a professional property management company enables you to have more free time from the responsibilities of owning a rental property. You'll benefit from our knowledge and experience in providing excellent care for your investment properties.

Our professional property management services include:

Marketing & Advertising of Your Rental Property

When your rental unit sits empty, you’ll have to deal with regular running costs with no monthly income. This is a considerable issue that calls for a quick resolve. The solution is filling your vacant units with great tenants.

Real Property Group uses top marketing and advertising methods to quickly fill your rental properties with quality tenants. In order to get the best results, we combine online and offline marketing efforts to reach the right demographics.

advertising missouri rental property

We will showcase your rental on all the top rental listing websites, such as Zillow. Each rental listing will have high-quality photos to increase the chance of finding interested applicants.

Collecting Rent from Your Tenants

When you are self-managing your rental properties, there is a considerable chance that you’ll have to solve issues with late or missed rent payments. These situations cause a lot of stress and demand a lot of your time.

In more serious cases, rent disputes may lead to court cases and even tenant evictions. When you hire Real Property Group, you won't have to deal with these problems anymore.

We start the process of efficient rent collection by drafting detailed lease agreements that cover all the important clauses regarding payments. Further, we offer tenants plenty of payment methods that make these monthly procedures easy and convenient.

Maintaining and Repairing Your Property

The number one solution for maintaining the value of your rental property is regular upkeep and rapid repairs. As your property manager, we conduct timely repairs and maintenance that will retain and boost your investment's worth over time.

Throughout the years of providing our services to property owners, we have formed solid relationships with a number of reliable vendors and contractors. These individuals and companies will take excellent care of your rental property.

A significant part of efficient maintenance is responding to tenant’s requests in a timely matter. As your property manager, we will take care of maintenance duties on time and will always respond to emergency repair requests in a timely manner.

missouri rental property maintenance

This will help us maintain a better relationship with your tenants and saves you from the stress and hassle of handling this yourself.

Providing You with Detailed Financial Reports

As a rental owner, you’ll want to know how your Missouri rental property is performing financially. Keeping an eye on the financial health of your investment is an important part of growing your investment.

This is why we provide you with full financial reports for your rental property. You will have complete access to all the basic and advanced reports regarding the performance of your rental units.

You will have convenient access through your online owner's portal, where you can access these records at any time. Among other financial documents, you'll have access to bank statements, a balance sheet, income and expense reports, and a general ledger.

Thoroughly Screening Each Prospective Tenant

One of the challenges of owning a rental property is finding the right tenants. You’ll want tenants that are unlikely to damage your property, miss rent payments, or behave in a negligent manner.

Hiring us to manage your rental property means always having tenants who respect payment deadlines and lease terms. We check the background and suitability of each applicant while complying with the Fair Housing Act.

We check the following information about every applicant:

  • What is their credit score?
  • Do they have a steady employment situation?
  • What is their financial history?
  • Do they have references from past employers or landlords?

missouri property management tenant screening

Qualifying the applicants under the strict rules of a tenant screening process has many positive financial implications. Reliable tenants will support instead of threatening your regular cash flow.

About Real Property Group

Real Property Group delivers excellent real estate services to both commercial and residential property owners in Missouri. Our main areas of focus are Columbia, Rocheport, Hallsville, Hartsburg, Harrisburg, and Ashville.

Working with us means achieving all of your real estate investment goals. At Real Property Group we take great care of your rental property and tenants. You can rest assured that we'll take care of all the hard work that comes with rental property ownership.

Our company provides a full range of property management services. Among other tasks, we collect monthly rent payments, provide legal support, draft solid lease agreements, guide our clients through evictions if necessary, and conduct regular property inspections.

Using our convenient online owner’s portal, our clients can easily access all the financial information regarding the performance of their rental units. We provide basic and advanced financial reports to them on a monthly basis.

Hiring us will make your life easier and more enjoyable as a rental property owner. You'll find more time for the things you love the most in your life while we take care of the daily management duties.