Quality Property Management Services in Ashland, MO

If you own an investment property in Ashland, MO and you’re looking for a professional property manager, Real Property Group has you covered. With over 16 years of property management experience, you can trust our property management business with all your rental property management needs.

We specialize in on- and off-site property management of residential, multi-family, and commercial real estate. Our property management services are geared towards helping you, a property owner, minimize your expenses and maximize your income through custom property management solutions.

Why Hire Us? !

The team at Real Property Group has been involved in property management for sixteen years now.

We are a full-service property management company. We can assist you with all aspects of owning a property and property management. This includes advertising your Ashland property, repairs and maintenance, rental pricing, rent collection on your ashland property, tenant screening, and more.

Real Property Group is a proven and trusted property management company. Our Ashland property management company is affiliated with a number of professional organizations. This includes Realtor, Equal Housing Opportunity, Columbia Board of Realtors, Missouri Realtors, and Better Business Bureau.

At Real Property Group, we don’t tie our clients with long-term, jargon-filled contracts. You can cancel our property management services anytime if you feel you are not getting your money’s worth. We’re confident you’ll love our Ashland property management services!

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We guarantee each of our clients the following three things. One, we guarantee quality renters. Our tenant screening process is thorough and will make sure only quality tenants rent your investment property. Two, we guarantee that facing missing or late payments will no longer be an issue that you face. We are happy to say that 99% of our renters pay rent on time. Three, we promise to rent your Ashland property quickly. In fact, we are able to rent most of our property owners properties within 14 days.

If you’re ready to work with the best property management company in Ashland, get in touch with us right away and receive a free rental price analysis. Property owners can contact us by calling our office at 573-818-3824.

Our Ashland Property Management Services

Are you struggling with delayed rent payments or a high tenant turnover rate? If you are, Real Property Group property management can help. We’ll customize a management service package for you that will help you achieve peace of mind knowing your investment property is being taken care of by professionals.

We will always be available to help you!

If you hire us, you can expect access to the following Ashland property management services:

1. Thorough Tenant Screening

Real Property Group doesn’t take any chances when it comes to choosing renters. We contact prospective tenants and only choose the highest quality ones. This will ensure we minimize your expenses and maximize your rental income.
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Our tenant screening process is thorough and helps minimize the chances of renting to problem tenants. It helps us learn whether or not the candidate has steady employment, a criminal background, a good credit score, or any history of eviction.

It's only after a tenant has successfully passed this test that we can allow them to proceed to sign the lease agreement. Thanks to this meticulous process, we are able to minimize the chances of landing a problem tenant.

2. Consistent Rent Collection

As a successful rental property owner, you probably know that rent collection can be a frustrating management duty. This is especially the case if your tenants refuse to pay or make irregular payments. When you partner with Real Property Group, we guarantee that you will get your rent payments on time every month.

We focus on the following things to help ensure that this happens. First, we help property owners set the right rent amount for your rental property or home. We have the necessary experience and tools to ensure that you don’t overcharge or undercharge your tenants. Next, we’ll help you draft a lease agreement that includes all rent-related terms clearly laid out. Finally, we’ll determine and oversee the grace period.

3. Right Rental Pricing

To realize your investment goals successful rental property requires a free rental price analysis, you need to set the right price for your rental. This is an optimized rental value that ensures you aren’t undercharging or overcharging your tenants that current market conditions determine.
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If you undercharge tenants on your monthly rental value, you leave a considerable amount of income from your Ashland rental property on the table. Overcharging your Ashland tenants can also be bad for your investment. That’s because the price won’t be competitive due to steep prices.

At Real Property Group, we’ll help you maximize your ROI over the long run by determining how much rent to charge for your rental property through a free rental analysis. We have the experience and tools to research and rental market analysis helps landlords set the right price on your rental units.

4. On-Time Repairs & Maintenance

Conducting regular upkeep and responding to emergency repairs in a timely fashion are vital steps to ensuring the preservation of your property’s value. As a property owner in Ashland, you won’t have to worry about these responsibilities once you decide to work with us. Tenants can contact us whenever they have a request, and we will take care of it!

We will carry out regular inspections to make sure your property or home remains in great shape. We have professional relationships with reliable contractors and vendors. This will ensure you get the best price for your repairs and maintenance.

5. Effective Property Advertising

Real Property Group can also help with advertising your rental property. We understand that having a vacant rental unit is bad for your investment, as you don’t get any income while your property continues to generate expenses. That's why effective advertising is a crucial part of property management.

Whether it’s using attractive yard signs or online listings, you can count on us to get your property or home rented in the shortest time possible with our advertising methods.


Do you any of these management services interest you? Contact us and we'll take care of all your management needs. We are available for you!

About Ashland, MO

Ashland is a city in Boone County, with an estimated population of around 3,947 residents. Founded in 1853, it was named after Kentucky Congressman Henry Clay's Ashland estate.

Ashland residents have access to schools governed by the Southern Boone County R-1 Public School District. There's also a public library, a division of the Daniel Boone Regional Library.

Source: Wikipedia.

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