Growing & Maximizing Rental Investment Returns

Are you looking to grow and maximize your return from your Missouri rental investment? Then look no further than Real Property Group! Real Property Group is a reliable, experienced and dependable property management company that serves all your property management needs.

We can help you fill up your vacancies with our result-driven marketing strategies. We also protect your property’s value through regular inspections and maintenance and handle all your property’s legal issues.

Managing one rental unit, let alone an entire commercial property, is never an easy task. It requires experience, knowledge and dedication. That’s what Real Property Group brings to the table.

We’ve been managing properties in the state of Missouri for 16 years now. As such, we understand what exactly you need to see your rental income grow. This is our goal in being the number #1 local and vertically-integrated property investment company in the area.

We service the areas of Columbia, Rocheport, Hallsville, Hartsburg, Harrisburg and Ashland. If you are tired of inconsistent rents, long vacancies, problem tenants and even high vacancy rates, get in touch with us today!

You can reach us by dialing 573-818-3824 or by sending us an email at We’d be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Our Commercial Property Management Services

Real Property Group is an active member of Realtor, Equal Housing Opportunity, Missouri Realtors, Columbia Board of Realtors, and BBB (the Better Business Bureau).

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So, why should you hire us? Well, simply put, our tenants pay their rents promptly. This is because we strive to find quality tenants, fill vacancies fast, and don’t tie clients with jargon-filled, long-term contracts.

If you hire us to manage your Missouri commercial property, the following are a few of the property management services you should expect.

1. Property Advertising

Having a vacant commercial property is not only frustrating but also expensive. That’s why it’s always important to fill your vacancies as quickly as possible.

That notwithstanding, rental marketing requires more than just good photography. It requires skill, effort and the leveraging of available technologies to help convert inquiries into tenants.

At Real Property Group, we have a deep understanding of the industry and the willingness to turn around the fortunes of your investment. We take a comprehensive approach that includes anything from a digital presence online to physical assets offline.

So, if you decide to join us, rest assured of getting a good tenant in the shortest time possible.

2. Tenant Screening

Worried about renting your commercial rental unit to a problem tenant? Worry no more! Real Property Group has you covered.

Our tenant screening process is rigorous and consistent. We take it upon ourselves to protect our clients. In addition, we understand that getting a great tenant is in the best interests of everyone involved, from the landlord to the property manager.

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When screening tenants, we aim to answer questions such as:

  • Can the tenant afford the price of rent without issues every month?
  • Is the tenant creditworthy?
  • Did the tenant abide by the terms of the lease agreement?
  • Does the tenant have a criminal past?
  • Is the tenant able to keep a job?
  • Did the tenant notify the previous landlord about wanting to leave their premises?

It’s safe to say that our tenant screening process leaves no stone unturned.

At the end of it all, we are usually able to find great tenants 99% of the time. That is, tenants that pay rent on time month-after-month, treat the property like their own and renew their leases multiple times.

3. Property Maintenance

The basis for preserving your property’s value is by conducting timely repairs and maintenance when needed. If you have managed property before, you probably know that doing so requires a great deal of time and commitment.

At Real Property Group, we can help you keep your property well-maintained and cared for. We have long standing relationships with skilled and resourceful contractors and vendors that assist us.

4. Property Inspections

Besides conducting timely repairs and maintenance, we also conduct routine property inspections. These are beneficial in multiple ways.

One, they help find maintenance issues before they become expensive repairs. Two, they help us keep an eye on your rentals – and your residents. We don’t just sit and wait until something goes wrong or a tenant breaks something without reporting it.

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Our inspections include a move-inspection, a drive-by inspection, a seasonal inspection and a move-out inspection. While no one can catch everything, we won’t let too much time go by without checking in with your tenants and property.

5. Evictions

Even with a rigorous tenant screening process in place, there is always that 1% chance of bumping into a problem tenant. When all else fails, the only option that may remain is an eviction.

Real Property Group has property managers that are well-versed in Missouri landlord-tenant law. You can trust the eviction process is not only law-abiding but that the outcome is favorable to you as well.

6. Financial Reports

As the savvy property owner that you are, you’ll probably want to have constant oversight of your property’s financial wellbeing. Real Property Group understands that.

By hiring us, you’ll have online access to all vital financial reports and statements. These include general ledges, balance sheets, and income and expense accounts.

About Real Property Group

Do you own a commercial property in Missouri and are looking to hire expert property managers? If so, Real Property Group can help. We have the experience, the resources and the right contacts to make your investment a success.

As a full-service property management company, we are in a position to help you handle all your management worries. We can help you with legal support, results-driven marketing, and regular maintenance and inspections.

But why should you hire us?

Firstly, we guarantee the placement of quality tenants. Our thorough, yet fair, screening process ensures we only lease to good tenants. Secondly, we can provide you with a consistent rental income as we find tenants who pay promptly. Thirdly, we fill vacant rentals in record time. And fourthly, our contracts are flexible and all-inclusive.

Call us today at 573-818-3824 or email us at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!