Buying your First Home

Buying a home is a process that comes with some significant worries. It requires many things to be well-thought out beforehand. Most importantly, buying your first home requires a team that can properly take on the task. The right team knows what steps to take to ensure your experience goes smoothly and without mistakes, which lead to higher costs later on.

Thinking of buying your first home?

Real Property Group can help clear the path towards your new home. As a partner, we work alongside you to make your property dreams come true.

Taking that step in becoming a homeowner is both a stressful and exhilarating feat on its own. Hiring a professional team with the expertise necessary in conquering this goal can be tremendously helpful.

With us by your side, we take care of the hard work so that you don’t have to!

Once you hire us, we will assign a Realtor to make the process a breeze for you. Our Realtors will find the home made for you with the knowledge and experience they’ve garnered over the years.

The First Steps to Buying a Home

To start, it can be helpful to conjure an idea of what you want your first home to look like.
Afterward, ask yourself some specific questions to narrow your search even more.

  1. What is my budget?
  2. How do I want to fund my purchase?
  3. What kind of location do I see myself living in?
  4. What purpose will the house serve—is it an investment unit?

Preparing the answers to these questions will allow you to understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Buying an Investment Property

Thinking to buy an investment property?

With our help, we can grow your investment portfolio together by searching for properties to generate passive income.

Our team is made up of experts that have extensive knowledge of the Missouri property market and the financing required for property investment. We will take on these challenges alongside you and provide you with the necessary information on investment evaluation and risk, as well as estimation of your future investment return.

Furthermore, we will guide you on the ways taxes on your investment can be curtailed. It’s commonly unaware of and can save Missouri owners thousands of dollars in taxes.

Real Property Group will not only be there to aid you in buying an investment property, we will also manage it alongside you. We will find the right tenants and handle the hurdles on your behalf.

Selling your Missouri Home

Thinking of selling your home?

Nowadays, it can be overwhelming to sell a home, considering the market today. By hiring Real Property Group, you will have complete access to professionals who will take you through the selling process with ease.
The Realtors at Real Property Group are well-versed in all steps of selling a home, such as staging the property, as well as listing and advertising it. We will go above and beyond to make selling your Missouri home a smooth process.

Each home and client are different. We will always be available to answer your questions and keep you updated throughout.

The First Steps to Selling your Home

Firstly, you must decide on a starting selling price to begin the process.

Our team is able to correctly identify the value of the home they want to sell. Our research and expertise will lead to a detailed market analysis, which we will have for you at no additional cost. By submitting the form below, you agree to receive a market analysis from one of our experts, who will contact you soon thereafter, while any information you provide stays confidential.

Selling your Investment Property

Thinking of selling an investment property?

We at Real Property Group are armed with the tools and knowledge needed to help you sell one of your investment properties and liquidate your portfolio.

Our team have the experience that will help you in selling a property, which starts with advertising it accordingly. We have perfected the techniques to helping clients sell their homes while saving them from extra costs.

We start by looking at your property in contrast to others similar in qualities and if your unit is occupied by a tenant, we will implement the Income Approach.

As an experienced team, we’ve developed the skills in buying and selling properties over countless years. In the face of any obstacles, we will overcome them and surpass your expectations. Contact us today!